1. You meet your coach and measure your body. 

2. With your personal metrics in hand we design your fitness and nutrition program and walk you through implementing. 

3. You practice exercising and eating for a month while communicating with your coach as much as you need through your own customized app.

4. We check in to measure progress, review the last month and get ready for the next one. 

5. We repeat this cycle until you reach your goals

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With our coaching  you will learn


A sustainable way to eat and exercise for life

Why sleep is more important than your workouts or what you eat

Principles that form the basis of every fitness and nutrition program ever conceived

How daily habits yield the best success

One number you need to stop being 'sedentary'

How you can workout to stimulate not annihilate

To de-stress and improve your results in the gym and kitchen

The simplest way to measure yourself for maximum success 

Experience is the best teacher

To never do more than you have to 

The importance of skills and which ones to master

Customized App

Your workouts, your nutrition, your way

Around the clock support

Be confident in your accountability

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Key benefits from our coaching

Your computer is closed, work is done, and you're ready to head home for the weekend. That doesn't mean you're ready to eat with the same diligence you make a living with. You need a way to eat that doesn't exclude the foods you love and grew up enjoying. This is where Pillar Coaching Services fits in and shows you how you can eat pizza, hamburgers, and cereal while staying in shape and feeling good naked. 

Your gym membership is under used. You have worked with enough new trainers to know you don't need someone counting your reps or making small talk for a dollar a minute. You certainly do not need the newest diet or supplement. What you need is a system for your eating and moving that is easy to learn and sustainable beyond a few months. Our coaching gets rid of the coddling you find in personal, group, and club training. They foster dependence and are woefully outdated in our smart phone world. Enter our hybrid model: an industry leading blend of face to face and digital support. We utilize the best of both in person and digital coaching worlds so you can finally drop the confusion surrounding your fitness and nutrition and do so independently. All for less than the cost of a monthly gym membership, two sessions with a trainer, or a stack of supplements. 


Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with our service or a product you purchase from us return it at any time for a full refund. Simple, no hassle, no nonsense. 

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