121. 4 years of work - the result?

fitness nutrition Feb 23, 2021
By: Michael Beiter

My client Amy and I just had our 4 year anniversary.
We have been working together since February of 2017.
She checked in today at her leanest ever: 12.45% body fat.
This puts her in the top 1% of females her age for body composition - one of the five health variables of fitness.
For the first time in all of those years we modified her food choice and meal timing.
She has been doing very voluminous barbell training that caused...
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Three little girls is on my door step

fitness nutrition Feb 10, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Don't worry

About a thing

Cause every little thing

Gonna be alright

Rise up this morning

Smile with the rising sun

Three grown girls

Is on my door step

Singing sweet songs 

About the all fat they lost

Saying, This is my message to you:

Sleep, lift, step and eat 

Hit those macros and you won't miss a beat


Abbey, 34, lost 30 pounds in 12 months in preparation for her wedding. 

Her clients that visit her at her busy massage therapy business ask when...

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113. What happens to your body during a tailgate?

nutrition Feb 02, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


New research was just published on the effects of tailgating. Researchers at the University of Missouris School of Medicine tested a group of overweight but healthy men (debatable) to see the impact the eating and drinking they did during a football tailgate had on their lives. 

The results suggest there are various differences from person to person based on their genetics and lifestyles. This is standard nutrition talk for "we need more studies and information."...

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112. You need an internal alarm system

By: Michael Beiter

Our service at Pillar Coaching Services has clients meeting with their coach monthly to review their eating and exercise from the month prior and plan for the one coming. 

After enough reps this monthly set up leads to some bells that are helpful for keeping us in shape and healthy. 

For example: We set upper bounds of body weight and body fat percentage that guide our decision making. For females it is usually 20% body fat. For males it is 15%. Depending on the...

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110. Solve your problems with what you have available

By: Michael Beiter

I’m not interested in solving problems by throwing “more” at them. You shouldn’t be either.
In business solving with more means more complexity, more costs, more responsibilities, and typically more expenses. 
More is generally the easiest answer, but not the smartest.
It is delightful and financially beneficial in working out solutions to problems without growing.
A bunch of smart business owners and...
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108. Calling all parents

By: Michael Beiter

Calling all parents.
One of the more difficult tasks of my job is convincing people to put themselves first. It is such a taboo topic. Being selfish is, well, selfish.
We have all been taught that the key to a happy life giving. The problem lies herein: we give so much that we reach a point of giving up on ourselves.
I have two mamas I work with who are struggling with this. Every minute of the day seems to slip away to work and kids. My challenge...
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103. New Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020 - 2025

nutrition Jan 06, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

The U.S. Department of Agriculture along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publish a new set of Dietary Guidelines for Americans every 5 years. 

The newest edition just released. 

Not much has changed despite the advocacy of several committees to reduce the suggested sugar and alcohol intakes by halving the recommendations. They proposed, based on the latest scientific research that the daily allotment for sugar drop from 13% to 6% of their total...

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102. You only see your trainer once a month? Will this actually work?

faq fitness nutrition Jan 05, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

Cathy was a client who came from a diverse background in fitness. She has been a member at a big box gym before called Aspen where she worked with a trainer and occasionally went to fitness classes. She also go into Crossfit for a while where she learned to lift weights more and use barbells. There was a short while where she joined a women's only facility that offered classes throughout the day. 

Each of her endeavors provided some insight and slightly different...

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99. Your diet is not just what you eat

mental fitness nutrition Jan 03, 2021
By: Michael Beiter

Your diet is not just what you eat.

It is what you watch. What you listen to. What you read. And the people you hang around.

Pay attention to what you feed your time to. Not just your stomach.
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98. 2020 year end fitness and nutrition review

By: Michael Beiter

If you’re reading this, you made it through 2020.
Good on ya.
Here’s the review I do myself and with my people:
Fitness and Nutrition year end review:
How many workout hours did you get? Goal: 300-350
How many hours of sleep did you get? Goal: 2,555 minimum
How many steps did you get? Goal: 3.65 million
How many food logs did you finish? Goal: 365
With these goals in mind you can use a...
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