173. Vacationing with mom and sister who eat and exercise differently

By: Michael Beiter


My 41 year old lady client went on vacation with her sister and mother.
She ate, drank, stayed up late, and did the typical vacation things to her heart's content.
She felt like ass by day 3.
"I had lots of heart burn. I never have heart burn at home. I looked at my sleep and was getting less than 4 hours of good sleep nightly because we had so much booze. My gut felt gassy, bloated, and I was just unhappy."
For a whole...
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170. Try this shift

fitness mental fitness Sep 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

The human brain is a fascinating thing.

One of our hardwired abilities is how we conserve energy.

Our brains and bodies are energy conserving machines. Via experience we learn what costs a lot of energy and attention and what doesn't.

If the action is pleasurable you will get a good feeling for attending to it and giving it energy. It benefitted you and in the future you will be more likely to seek that experience out. 

If the thing is painful you will get a bad feeling...

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169. FAQ : Energy drinks

By: Michael Beiter


Hey boss! It is crazy how addictive bad processed sugar filled foods can be, the past couple days I’d have two Oreos and it’d turn into ten. Back in the day I’d be like oh the day is lost or the week is lost and go sliding down hill fast, because I had the “forbidden” foods. Now I just reflected on how dangerous those can be and started a new week resetting for the week! You helped me with that mindset and I appreciate you!! One question is...

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163. Fitness and Nutrition Talk Podcast Ep 1: Becky P

By: Michael Beiter

In this conversation Mike talks to Becky, a long time client of coach Bridget. She has had tremendous success with her fitness and nutrition journey and she shares her insights in this back and forth.

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161. All or Nothing Thought Distortion

By: Michael Beiter

All or nothing thinking is a cognitive distortion.
It refers to your tendency to evaluate your personal qualities in extreme, black-or-white categories.
For example, someone who didn't lose all the weight they wanted told me, "Because I didn't lose 45 lbs I'm a zero."
A habitual exerciser who works out 7 days a week averaged a couple weeks of 5 days and concluded "I'm a total failure."
All-or-nothing thinking forms the basis of perfectionism....
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160. Food logging kills guilt

By: Michael Beiter

I have a client who has been working with me for 7 years. She is in her early 40's and the top 2% for women her age group when it comes to body fat percentage. 

In one of our nearly 90 monthly check ins where we weigh and discuss eating and exercise she commented:

"Food logging has proven to be a useful tool in a way I didn't anticipate. I used to get really down on myself when I had a donut or some drinks or whatever. When I finally started logging what I was eating on...

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159. The maintenance contract

By: Michael Beiter

I maintain that maintaining your fitness is harder than changing it.
So much so that I created a contract to help my clients keep their results once they get them.
It goes like this.
I (your name) agree to (workout + food) if I weight more than (lbs) or test higher than (bf%).
The client determines their upper bounds for what they want to weigh and test at for body composition.
Once they define those numbers and the workout and...
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153. What are you teaching your kids about nutrition?

By: Michael Beiter

"I don't want my kids seeing me weighing food and thinking Mom's crazy, why is she so obsessive with her food."
This is a serious consideration that gets brought up when I talk to parents about their nutrition.
It is especially powerful because usually you can point right back to the food environment you grew up in and find the same choices, habits, and routines your parents had with their eating. They can be found in your life today maybe 20, 30, or 40...
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152. Busyness is not a symbol of success

mental fitness Jul 16, 2021
By: Michael Beiter

"You know, we could enjoy every weekend like this if we stopped
signing up for so much crap," a mom and wife said to her husband on a Sunday morning after they woke up, made coffee, and started their day slowly with reading.
She couldn't believe how good she felt. And that has been compounding with the amount of things cancelled from the pandemic.
Her experience is not uncommon. Dozens of my clients echoed this same last year when we all had to slow...
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145. Good Reasons for Bad Feelings

mental fitness Jun 29, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


In 'Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: Insights from the Frontiers of Evolutionary Psychology' Randolph M. Nesse says there are six evolutionary reasons why our minds and bodies are so vulnerable to disease. 

1. Mismatch: our bodies are unprepared to cope with modern environments. 

2. Infection: bacteria and viruses evolve faster than we do. 

3. Constraints: there are some things that natural selection just cant do. 

4. Trade-offs: everything in the...

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