175. Case Study: Sub 300 pounds, RHR drop

By: Michael Beiter

My client just crossed the 300 pound barrier.
He started in November of last year close to 400 pounds.
He has lost ALL of this weight by means of tracking his macros and walking 10,000 steps per day.
He has not touched a single weight, tried to hop, jump, skip or any other movement reserved for athletes and misapplied to everyone.
After almost one year of work on food, sleep, and daily movement we are JUST NOW introducing resistance...
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173. Vacationing with mom and sister who eat and exercise differently

By: Michael Beiter


My 41 year old lady client went on vacation with her sister and mother.
She ate, drank, stayed up late, and did the typical vacation things to her heart's content.
She felt like ass by day 3.
"I had lots of heart burn. I never have heart burn at home. I looked at my sleep and was getting less than 4 hours of good sleep nightly because we had so much booze. My gut felt gassy, bloated, and I was just unhappy."
For a whole...
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170. Try this shift

fitness mental fitness Sep 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

The human brain is a fascinating thing.

One of our hardwired abilities is how we conserve energy.

Our brains and bodies are energy conserving machines. Via experience we learn what costs a lot of energy and attention and what doesn't.

If the action is pleasurable you will get a good feeling for attending to it and giving it energy. It benefitted you and in the future you will be more likely to seek that experience out. 

If the thing is painful you will get a bad feeling...

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165. Set point theory

By: Michael Beiter

Set point theory, as it pertains to human body weight, states that there is a biological control method in humans that actively regulates weight towards a predetermined set weight for each individual. This may occur through regulation of energy intake or energy expenditure.
With nutrition and exercise we can choose where we want our body weight and body composition set points to be. Within reason.
The first photo shows someone who is actively training their...
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163. Fitness and Nutrition Talk Podcast Ep 1: Becky P

By: Michael Beiter

In this conversation Mike talks to Becky, a long time client of coach Bridget. She has had tremendous success with her fitness and nutrition journey and she shares her insights in this back and forth.

Listen HERE

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161. All or Nothing Thought Distortion

By: Michael Beiter

All or nothing thinking is a cognitive distortion.
It refers to your tendency to evaluate your personal qualities in extreme, black-or-white categories.
For example, someone who didn't lose all the weight they wanted told me, "Because I didn't lose 45 lbs I'm a zero."
A habitual exerciser who works out 7 days a week averaged a couple weeks of 5 days and concluded "I'm a total failure."
All-or-nothing thinking forms the basis of perfectionism....
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159. The maintenance contract

By: Michael Beiter

I maintain that maintaining your fitness is harder than changing it.
So much so that I created a contract to help my clients keep their results once they get them.
It goes like this.
I (your name) agree to (workout + food) if I weight more than (lbs) or test higher than (bf%).
The client determines their upper bounds for what they want to weigh and test at for body composition.
Once they define those numbers and the workout and...
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158. Ego versus task goals

By: Michael Beiter

An ego goal orientation focuses on comparing performances with and defeating others, whereas a task goal orientation focuses on comparing performance with personal standards and personal improvement.
It is best to adopt a task orientation, which emphasizes comparisons with your own performance standards rather than with the performance of others, especially if you are learning a set of important physical activity skills.
I help people determine when...
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155. "It has all been borrowed time since the war Pol"

fitness Jul 22, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Thomas Shelby, enterprising leader of the Peaky Blinders gang in the show of the same name said to his aunt Pol when she told him he was living too dangerously "Ever since the war I've looked at every day as borrowed time Pol. I died there and everything since is just a bonus." 

I got goosebumps often watching that series. Cillian Murphy is a monster of an actor. 

His comment got me thinking though. 

Am I living on borrowed time as well? 

Most of my...

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154. Here is an observation on stress. Do you agree?

By: Michael Beiter

The autonomous nervous system is activated by anxiety and fear to address the risks that caused them. This reaction, known as the fight or flight response, is indicated by a series of normal but unpleasant physical symptoms. Examples include; panic, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating, feeling like you're choking, headaches, irritability, insomnia, spasms, trembling, dry mouth, throat tightness, speech problems, fear of death and feeling a...

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