95. School teaches us how to be successful with our eating...make an effort

nutrition Dec 28, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

I read an article over break in the Atlantic that argued against using calorie counter apps.

This woman was adamant that they are not accurate. She's right, studies have concluded that the calorie counter apps are not 100% accurate and the FDA even allows food companies lee way of 10-15% on their labels for the macros and calories contained in their foods.

Where she is wrong is that because of this inaccuracy you can't be effective.

Our argument is that anything that...
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94. Journal. Diary. Whatever. Do it.

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

By: Michael Beiter

Sleep, exercise, eat right. Besides these obvious actions what else can you do to improve your self? 


I learned how to do all of the above with a five star college ruled notebook when I was in high school. I have been practicing that habit ever since. For me, that is 15 years. 

Beginning with workouts I would write down the exercise, sets, and reps of whatever I was doing that day. If I ever need a laugh I can still crack open my warped books from high...

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93. Enjoy the winter

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

There's a psychological thing called the principle of adaption.
It happens to us all the time and can take the joy out of some really good stuff.
I have complained about the winters in Iowa for most of my life. Until I learned about the principle and that the changing seasons are what make the summer and spring so amazing.
We are sewing what we reap in the spring right now with these gray days and snowy vistas.
The principle of adaption...
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92. Our model in 4 steps

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2020

By: Michael Beiter

We do things a bit different here at Pillar Coaching Services. 

This is by design. 

I have a long background in the fitness and nutrition industry. This experience has helped me learn what works and what doesn't. 

This post is to show you 'our model' and explain why it works. By doing so it is my hope that you compare it to all the other models you've been exposed to and realize why they don't work. Here's a clue: they encourage you to be dependent. 


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91. Define your upper bounds...or someone else will

mental fitness Dec 14, 2020

By: Michael Beiter

How much work is enough? 

It is true people work for more than money, but money is the primary reason. Knowing how much you need to make to fuel your lifestyle is critical so that you can answer the question above. 

In the United States a safety net exists in the form of welfare. Beyond that there is a dollar amount associated with living well. Abraham Maslow is famous for creating his chart of what all humans need to be well off. It is called the hierarchy of needs....

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90. Fitness and nutrition end game = relaxation

By: Michael Beiter

What is the end goal of a fitness and nutrition program? 

Goals get talked about a lot. From setting SMART goals to trying to lose a certain amount of fat or lift a certain amount of weight, there is no shortage of opinions on what goal is right for fitness and nutrition adherence. 

There's nothing wrong with setting your sights on something like fat loss or strength gain. But there is a problem when the goal is reached and it is simply replaced with another one....

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89. Fitness and food challenges? Skip them

mental fitness Dec 07, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

Here's how they get ya with a fitness challenge: they make you question whether you can do some fitness and food thing or not. Usually it is arbitrary - like stacking a few months of consistency together.

They get you to doubt your own ability and propose their challenge as a test to prove to yourself you can do the thing.

Here's the flaw: if you have a healthy self esteem and confidence you should know you can do whatever they are proposing. You don't need to sign up...
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88. WHO updates exercise needs in light of pandemic

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

By: Michael Beiter

The World Health Organization just updated their physical activity guidelines for the first time in ten years. 

This was in part a response to the global pandemic which has influenced more people to remain sedentary and exposed that those who are overweight or obese have an increased risk of severe illness or hospitalization from Covid-19. 

There are three main updates to previous exercise suggestions. The first is that there is no longer a minimum amount needed -...

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87. Our movies and their nutritional content

nutrition Dec 02, 2020

By: Michael Beiter

Researchers looked at 250 of the top grossing US movies from 1994 to 2018. They wanted to asses the nutritional quality of the food and beverages depicted on the big screen compared to federal dietary recommendations.

Here's what they found: 

73% of movies earned a less healthy food rating.

90% of movies earned a less healthy beverage rating. 

With a standard 2000 calorie diet in mind movies failed to match federal recommendations of fat by 25%, fiber by 45% and...

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86. Read: A couple books on Buddhism

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2020

By: Michael Beiter


This duo of books has been enlightening to me.

The first suggests an agnostic Buddhist culture. The second, that Buddhism got it right and is true in the light of modern science.
Wright defends his title in the simplest way like this: we are animals created by natural selection. Natural selection built into our brains the tendencies that early Buddhist thinkers did an amazing job of sizing up, given the meager scientific resources at their disposal.
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