What's in a name?

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2019

In 2018 I read a book by Dr. Jordan Peterson that expounded upon 12 rules that would help return order to an otherwise chaotic life. One rule in particular that has proved immensely useful for myself and my workings with people is to be precise with your speech. What I've caught myself doing, after reading the rule in the book, is saying things I don't mean. Be it because of emotions or genuinely not knowing what the words I were using meant.

Catching myself in the act is fun enough because it's made me consider what I say more carefully as opposed to blurting out whatever comes top of mind. When I do say something I've improved in my understanding of the subject matter I speak on most often; fitness and nutrition, to the extent that I'm very precise with the words I chose because too many times I've confused myself and those I work with by trying to use words that were unnecessary. And such is the case with work that is heavily rooted in the sciences and has the deepest of implications to one's life. Fitness and nutrition are no small matter. If learned and implemented properly they can propel you to the highest ends of your generational life expectancy. If neglected you can still expect to live for a long time, but not under your own volition. Modern medicine will have you then. Painful, less enjoyable life awaits. Or you could learn it now and take care of it and spread it to all those you care about most because that's how important it is. That will ensure your later years are ones that allow for bending over and chasing around grandkids.

So with precision I chose to name this blog Dialogues on fitness and nutrition.




  • a discussion between two or more people or groups, especially one directed toward exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem.


These posts will be originally comprised of dialogues that occur between myself and the clients and friends I work with.


I run a fitness and nutrition coaching business called Pillar Coaching Services where we help people simplify their food and movement in a sustainable manner that yields long term results.


Part of my joy in this service is the discussions that take place at our monthly client check ins. They are varied and encompassing. So much so that I thought, and with the suggestion of many clients, that it would be worth sharing some of the subject matter and the ensuing back and forth.


I hope you enjoy Dialogues and take something that may improve you and your's.




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