6. We are failing each other as citizens

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

It is each of ours job to impart skills that are basic to every area of life. 

Collectively these actions can be referred to as 'self care.' 

Their aim is simple: do the thing we know to be necessary to stay healthy and able for as long as possible. 

The skills necessary we have been doing since birth. They are sleeping, eating, and moving. 

Never mind being 'good' at these things. The times we live in allow us to be utterly atrocious at one or all of them and still live a long life. Albeit hooked up to the mother teat of modern medicine. Simply put, your self care can be placed in the hands of others for an increasingly cheaper price as time ticks on. This may sound appealing but the quality of such a life is suspect. Humans thrive on autonomy. Especially concerning our body. 

So why is it so many people struggle to do what is so obvious as to be silly? 

Because it's hard and takes a lot of effort. Beyond that we have failed each other in permissing our family and friends to become inactive or gain a bunch of fat without us intervening. We must raise our standards of self care.

"No, I can't work an extra shift this week. That would eliminate my exercise time." You may say to your overbearing work. 

"Sorry son, I won't let you sit in front of that screen for 8 hours. Get on your feet and lets go do something." A father can take a stand to sitting. 

or maybe: 

"No way. Staying up til' 2 am, eating unbounded and pouring alcohol down my chute is not celebration, it's destruction." 

A good place to start is to not let your own self care fall off. To lead by example is a great beginning. 

To finish and maintain such standards need to be held and enforced on those immediate to us. No matter the resistance. 

The job can't be done exclusively by healthcare workers and trainers. It falls equally on all of our shoulders. That is citizenship. 


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