122. Podcast 5: Hunger, goals, and peanuts

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Q: I'm hungry eating 1500 calories daily. Should I slow down my fat loss and increase the calories or adjust my food choice? 

A: Hunger is necessary experience for deficit dieting

Often mistaken for boredom, anxiety, fear

Eat more vegetables with meals and as snacks, they are free food

Eat quality fats like nuts and olive oils

Fish, lean proteins, casein protein powder

More fiber, whole grains

Less sugar and artificial sweetners

Q: Is having 6 pack abs a good goal? 
A: No. This is an outcome goal. Many outcomes are out of our control so we should not focus on them. Instead we should focus on what we do have control over: our behaviors. Like sleep, steps, workouts, and food logs completed where we hit our macros. Objectify these behaviors to avoid black and white thinking - a common thought distortion. 

Infants being exposed to peanuts in their first 12 months of life are less likely to develop peanut allergy. 



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