14. Freedom through discipline

Apr 12, 2020

It seems like having to calculate your eating and moving will turn everything into a tiresome book keeping chore. Where does it leave spontaneity and its joyful abandon to the whim of the moment? Learning to watch our food and movement doesn't mean we need to turn into accountants who constantly weigh our decisions against an endless balance sheet. Actually, the opposite typically happens. It is true logging everything you eat may be hard and annoying. But once you get good at it there are few more liberating skills. Within the guidelines of action hitting your calories and macros provides you can eat and live with greater confidence. Free of doubts and regrets. 

Like the challenging skills of martial arts which must be practiced thousands of times before they are mastered hitting your macros provides a discipline that allows you to cut through the chaos of your food life with ease. After practice leads to habit you can eat and work out with spontaneity that is infinitely more informed. 

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