72. Competition is a bad motivator for your food and fitness

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2020
“Do you help people get on stage for aesthetic competitions?”
I get asked this question monthly.
My answer is emphatically no.
Competition is a bad choice for exercise and nutrition motivation. Be it powerlifting, figure, bodybuilding, CrossFit, triathlons, marathons, or any thing else you can dream up.
It works to get people started and that’s about it.
“I want to beat so and so, or I want to beat myself” is founded on the idea that you are never good enough. The psychological effect of that belief does the opposite of what exercise and sound nutrition are really for: health and longevity. Neither of which have anything to do with competing.
I teach everyone who will listen to drop the competitive mindset. It loses its worth somewhere in your early twenties when you become aware of whether you can make a living from your competitive abilities or not. Almost all of us can not.
“But I want to prove to myself I can.” This is largely a self esteem issue. There are better solutions than signing up for a meet, show, or whatever to improve in that area.
Stop competing.

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