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179. Case Study: 43 Year Old Former College Basketball Player Starts Lifting and Macro Tracking

fitness macros nutrition Oct 25, 2021
By: Michael Beiter
Check this out.
My client said before tossing her phone to me.
On display were test results comparing 2021 to 2019.
Total Cholesterol: 234 -> 177
Triglycerides: 144 -> 79
HDL: 58 -> 60
LDL: 149 -> 100
Blood Pressure: 129/83 -> 112/79
Waist Circumference: 34 -> 31
"Damn, these are incredible!" I said.
"Yea. I thought so too. So did the insurer taking the test."...
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178. Case Study: 32 weeks pregnant, 200 grams of carbs daily

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

I have a client who is 32 weeks pregnant.
She hired me to help her eat so as not to gain too much extra body fat while pregnant and to limit the dietary restrictions needed to be healthy.
This is her 3rd baby. With her previous two she followed dietary advice that made the pregnancies miserable.
Her second child was carried and delivered in ketosis! Her advisor made her deathly afraid of bananas, fruit, and carbs in general.
She has...
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177. Context Switching is Killing Your Workout. Try Doing This Instead.

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


No matter how hard we try to exercise effectively there is one barrier that keeps us from doing our best. It seems harmless and you might not even be aware of the consequences that hold you back. Whether you are aware or not, we all have fallen victim to context switching. 

Modern gyms are designed to keep you distracted. Besides the lurking need to capture your workouts for others to consume on social media there is constant noise, spaces cluttered with...

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176. Case Study: 59 year old nurse

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


Deb is 59 years old. She is a nurse and has been in the industry for nearly 3 decades. 

She started focusing on her health this year and hired me to help with her nutrition. 

One of the biggest challenges has been finding time for her to grocery shop, cook, and exercise.

Deb is the only manager at her hospital who is expected to cover whenever asked. She is the sole member of a team of managers who clocked a 90 hour work week this year in response to the...

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175. Case Study: Sub 300 pounds, RHR drop

By: Michael Beiter

My client just crossed the 300 pound barrier.
He started in November of last year close to 400 pounds.
He has lost ALL of this weight by means of tracking his macros and walking 10,000 steps per day.
He has not touched a single weight, tried to hop, jump, skip or any other movement reserved for athletes and misapplied to everyone.
After almost one year of work on food, sleep, and daily movement we are JUST NOW introducing resistance...
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174. My summer 2021 success: Reducing my smart phone use

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

It took me about 15 weeks to get my daily screen time down from 4-6 hours on my smart phone to less than 1 hour.
I essentially had to make my phone dumb again. I removed social media, email, and my work applications.
I limited my internet and YouTube time to 30 minutes. I restricted access to the whole phone to 12 hours daily. Between 7 am and 7 pm.
An average millennials checks their phone close to 200 times per day. I dropped mine to less...
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173. Vacationing with mom and sister who eat and exercise differently

By: Michael Beiter


My 41 year old lady client went on vacation with her sister and mother.
She ate, drank, stayed up late, and did the typical vacation things to her heart's content.
She felt like ass by day 3.
"I had lots of heart burn. I never have heart burn at home. I looked at my sleep and was getting less than 4 hours of good sleep nightly because we had so much booze. My gut felt gassy, bloated, and I was just unhappy."
For a whole...
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172. First month observations from a new client

faq nutrition Sep 30, 2021

By: Michael Beiter


I just met with a new client who weighs 378 pounds. He is down 7 pounds from 385 the month before when he started. 

Here are some observations he made in his first month:

"Using a food scale is very eye opening. Realizing how fucked our portions are is humbling. 

I got used to eating primarily dressing with some vegetables and calling it a salad. I measured two tablespoons of dressing and thought I wouldn't only get like two bites of flavor but it was not...

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170. Try this shift

fitness mental fitness Sep 01, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

The human brain is a fascinating thing.

One of our hardwired abilities is how we conserve energy.

Our brains and bodies are energy conserving machines. Via experience we learn what costs a lot of energy and attention and what doesn't.

If the action is pleasurable you will get a good feeling for attending to it and giving it energy. It benefitted you and in the future you will be more likely to seek that experience out. 

If the thing is painful you will get a bad feeling...

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169. FAQ : Energy drinks

By: Michael Beiter


Hey boss! It is crazy how addictive bad processed sugar filled foods can be, the past couple days I’d have two Oreos and it’d turn into ten. Back in the day I’d be like oh the day is lost or the week is lost and go sliding down hill fast, because I had the “forbidden” foods. Now I just reflected on how dangerous those can be and started a new week resetting for the week! You helped me with that mindset and I appreciate you!! One question is...

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