98. 2020 year end fitness and nutrition review

By: Michael Beiter

If you’re reading this, you made it through 2020.
Good on ya.
Here’s the review I do myself and with my people:
Fitness and Nutrition year end review:
How many workout hours did you get? Goal: 300-350
How many hours of sleep did you get? Goal: 2,555 minimum
How many steps did you get? Goal: 3.65 million
How many food logs did you finish? Goal: 365
With these goals in mind you can use a standard grading scale to form a report for your year.
Tomorrow starts a new trip around the sun. And new counts for the above.
These are goals that repeat annually. So if you're feeling like a resolution you know what you're shooting for. 
Getting B’s and C’s will get your health in order. Getting A’s will promote the longest, healthiest life possible.
It’s liberating knowing your goals aren’t to keep upping the ante year over year, but to maintain your efforts.
As my good friend says “I want you to be bored.” Not long after boredom your fitness and nutrition can be relaxing instead of worrying. 

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