95. School teaches us how to be successful with our eating...make an effort

nutrition Dec 28, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

I read an article over break in the Atlantic that argued against using calorie counter apps.

This woman was adamant that they are not accurate. She's right, studies have concluded that the calorie counter apps are not 100% accurate and the FDA even allows food companies lee way of 10-15% on their labels for the macros and calories contained in their foods.

Where she is wrong is that because of this inaccuracy you can't be effective.

Our argument is that anything that measures is better than no measurement at all. Which is her proposed alternative: "Develop a healthy relationship with your food and learn hunger cues, what agrees with you, and when your emotions cloud your judgement about what to eat." I hate to break it to ya lady, but that will literally never work.

An analogy goes a long way here. I asked a bunch of teachers I work with "who fails your class? Is it the kids that put up zeros for assignments on their report cards or the ones that turn in bad work?"

"Kids who put an effort in never fail. Even if it is abysmal. This shows us as teachers they are willing to work and because of that they can get better. Failing grades are almost always a result of no effort."

Food and your success with it works the same way. Your logs don't have to be perfect. They can be less than half complete and still give you information about what you should eat or not eat at your next meal. And as long as you keep returning to them you will reap the rewards. If you post a bunch of zeros for your food logging assignments you can be sure of one thing: you will fail.

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