93. Enjoy the winter

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

There's a psychological thing called the principle of adaption.
It happens to us all the time and can take the joy out of some really good stuff.
I have complained about the winters in Iowa for most of my life. Until I learned about the principle and that the changing seasons are what make the summer and spring so amazing.
We are sewing what we reap in the spring right now with these gray days and snowy vistas.
The principle of adaption would set in if we had a constant 70 degree temperature and color pallet to look at in Iowa. Thus making the spring and summer less enjoyable because we adapt to them.
Californians bitch when it gets cloudy and rains because they have adapted to year round sunshine with bright blues and greens all around them.
Just when we start to adapt to the cold winters we are rewarded with a drastic shift to colorful warm springs and summers.
The principle can be summed up nicely with "you don't know what you got til' it's gone.'
We wouldn't have such amazing springs and summers if we didn't get their temperatures and colors taken away for the winter.
So enjoy these times knowing they are necessary for the more enjoyable seasons.
And take a lesson from the Nordics by getting outside no matter the season. There really is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.
Connecting to nature, even by just walking in it, makes us well.

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