89. Fitness and food challenges? Skip them

mental fitness Dec 07, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

Here's how they get ya with a fitness challenge: they make you question whether you can do some fitness and food thing or not. Usually it is arbitrary - like stacking a few months of consistency together.

They get you to doubt your own ability and propose their challenge as a test to prove to yourself you can do the thing.

Here's the flaw: if you have a healthy self esteem and confidence you should know you can do whatever they are proposing. You don't need to sign up for a challenge to prove it.

What they know is that a lot of people don't have healthy self esteems or confidence in their ability and they position their challenge as a way to generate both. Cheeky. But nothing more than clever marketing and product placement.

Generating self esteem is much easier with a journal, some research, and maybe the help of a therapist. Wasting money and your time on fitness and food challenges will not generate anything but a hole in your pocket and empty feelings where more productive methods could have built actual esteem and confidence.

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