86. Read: A couple books on Buddhism

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2020

By: Michael Beiter


This duo of books has been enlightening to me.

The first suggests an agnostic Buddhist culture. The second, that Buddhism got it right and is true in the light of modern science.
Wright defends his title in the simplest way like this: we are animals created by natural selection. Natural selection built into our brains the tendencies that early Buddhist thinkers did an amazing job of sizing up, given the meager scientific resources at their disposal.
Now, in light of the modern understanding of natural selection and the modern understanding of the human brain that natural selection produced, we can provide a new kind of defense of this sizing up.
Which he does throughout his book.
Batchelor outlines the Buddha’s teaching as an action plan anyone can engage in regardless of belief.
Mindfulness meditation is at the core of both of them.
I loved them both and will practice. You should read them if you’re having any trouble with your emotions or feelings. Or if you are curious at all as to how to fill some holes left by other religious practices in an increasingly secular world.

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