85. Your results are more like tuition than trophies

fitness Nov 24, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

When I was younger a bunch of 7 year olds and I played on a soccer team called the Golden Eagles.

Complete with a pee yellow shirts we crowd kicked the ball up and down the field for a full 12 weeks.

At the end we played a tournament with the other teams in the league and won. We were awarded a trophy and ice cream party.

I still have that trophy today 22 years later. I call him Frank. Frank is not like your fitness results. He was the product of a bunch of hard work and a victorious tournament. He will represent that for the rest of time in a box in my mom's basement.

You however don't get the luxury of such a short window to work and reap.

Instead of your results being like a trophy they're more like membership to a college. Your tuition is the practice time, sleep, and nutrition you put in. Your result is being a member of a university or a fit body and mind. Should you stop paying tuition that result gets taken away.

You don't keep your abs, best shape ever, or lower insurance premiums from a single season effort. You get them from constantly paying tuition.

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