83. Deloads

fitness Nov 04, 2020
By: Michael Beiter

Deloads are planned breaks from training aimed at giving your body and mind a break. 

A client just did her first one ever. She ran a bunch and did yoga in place of her regular weight lifting workouts. 
Deloads can be scary if you're not used to them. It seems like you may lose steam or motivation. But the opposite is usually true. By taking a planned time off from consistent exercise you deprive yourself of something you have grown accustomed to and motivation to get back in there increases.
I know, it sounds sketchy, but it's like a lot of the things we do in exercise; once you experience it you will understand better. 

Deloads are really good for your body and psyche. Personally I plan one every 6th or 7th week. 
A proper de load reduces volume of work by around 50%. To figure out how this applies to you simply multiply your sets by reps to figure out your weekly workload. Once you have that number in hand do half of that for a deload.

Or you can skip an entire type of exercise in favor of increasing your recovery or aerobic work. More stretching, yoga, or light cardio works in place of previous lifting hours.
A client said: "I like the way exercise is communicated here. I think I expected to love it at some point but you're saying regardless if that feeling is there or not I need to do it."

We seem to have grown accustomed to thinking our workouts need to be 'fun.' As if they were on the same playing field as going to an amusement park or playing a game. They have never been about that. The core word of the whole thing is 'work.' 
A lot of people complain they don't feel motivated to exercise. Their reason is because it isn't fun anymore. Well I hate to break it to you, but most of the time you won't feel like doing it. You need to do it anyways. 
Exercise or working out is a general responsibility of all adults regardless of fun factor. 

Deloads help by giving you a break from your exercise. They are very much like vacations from work. You need them, take them. 

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