77. Blink and you will have missed it

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020

To our clients. 

We are on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition. 

For all the generations before us had it much harder than we do. 

Much of what we do now autonomously was not possible without the help of doctors and their expensive testing equipment and nutrition programs that had massive barriers to entry. Because they were hard and expensive. 

Now we can do the jobs of general physicians and nutritionists in the past on our own with a tool that 272.6 million Americans have access to: a smart phone. 

This ability has been available to us for less than 15 years. The Apple iPhone was released in 2008 and since then smart phones have propagated to the pockets of 80% of Americans. 

This is an astonishing rate of spread for a tool that is said to carry more technological power than NASA used to land us on the moon. 

And what do we use it for? Sending nudie pics and playing Angry Birds. 

Not us though. We recognize the significance of this progress and have used the amazing wonder tool that is a smart phone to take over the basic testing doctors did at physicals in decades past. Monitoring our sleep, biometrics, and nutrition are all possible with a watch on our wrist and phone in our pocket. 

I have a hard time getting over this fact. 

Weight Watchers started in 1963, Nutri System in 1972, and Jenny Craig in 1983. All of them had their customers counting their food in some way.

If you wanted to do it on your own without the expensive membership your best option was to buy an 'Eat this, not That' food database book that released every year with the newest additions to fast food restaurant menus. Their entries included the real data like calories, carbs, fats, proteins, sodium, etc. The books were about 3 inches thick and required monk like focus to use effectively. 

Then in 2005 the app My Fitness Pal was created. It databased millions of food choices and made tracking nutrition accurate enough that you could manage your health with it from your device. 

A few years later that got even easier when Steve Jobs removed the buttons clogging up those devices and popularized screen touching as the future. 

By 2011 enough people in the United States population had the tool (smart phone) and the app (My Fitness Pal) needed to take their health management into their own hands. 

We have all experience tremendous progress in our lifetimes, this being some of the most important in my eyes. 

As mentioned before this created autonomy that has never been possible prior to these advances gaining widespread use. 

Now, less than two decades after their inception we are looking at apps that may be able to calculate all the numbers necessary for a good diet with a photo alone. Accessible by almost the entire populace. From their pocket. 

Comparable to the span of human history the time it took to make this possible is less than the blink of an eye. 

I find it beyond lazy not to use these amazing tools to take hold of your health in ways our ancestors could only dream of. But I still have to convince many people to stop shooting birds across their screen or sending frivolous pictures and use their tech for something worthwhile. 

Dont let that be you. 



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