70. Happiness and your nutrition

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2020
The average Happiness Index Score of food trackers was examined for the following categories: Caloric Deficit, Caloric Maintenance, Caloric Surplus, and Not Sure of Caloric Position.

Surprisingly, individuals that were in a Caloric Deficit had a minutely higher average happiness index than both individuals in a Caloric Surplus and individuals at Caloric Maintenance.

Another unexpected result was that the participants who were the least sure of their caloric position had the lowest Happiness Index Score of the four groups mentioned.

If individuals that are knowledgeable about their status are happier, perhaps greater levels of education about caloric position can lead to greater awareness of dietary status, and eventually more happiness.

We are happier when we are hungry and least happy when we don't know our nutritional status.

This was a small study with surprising implications.

The researchers findings and my experience line up. Whenever emotions start to fly or when progress is slower than anticipated you can almost guarantee that food logging has fallen off.
Not knowing what you are eating each day, especially after you have spent time with food logging and have grown accustomed to knowing, becomes a source of anxiety that can start a negative feedback loop or just be an unnecessary mental stressor.
Research shows we are happier when we know. 

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