67. Zoom out, especially if you've been at this awhile

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020
Sometimes we get too focused on our day to day or week to week and we forget the progress we've made.
Be it mentally or physically, every month that goes by offers a learning experience for you about your body.
The questions is, are you going to take the opportunity or let it pass?
Those who experiment and learn about their bodies are better prepared for pretty much everything. But such experimentation can come with a narrowed mindset that clouds former achievement.
When this happens just zoom out and look at your cumulative work.
Start grilling yourself about the changes you've made and noticed.
What challenges have you overcome?
How has your thinking about food and exercise improved?
Do you make the same decisions about what to do with your day and time as you did 6 months ago? 1 year? 3?
Are you spending money on supplements or programs you don't need?
Don't let up. It's in this review you will find your growth. A lot of it will be subjective stuff we don't have measurement for like "I don't beat myself up for enjoying my favorite foods or drinks" and "I haven't been in this much control.....ever."
You see, when left to our own devices it's common we look at our glass as half empty, not half full. We have a negativity bias built in to detect risks that could harm us. In the easy physical world we live in there's not many risks. So instead we look at ourselves and pick out our weaknesses  mercilessly and try to improve.  It is as if your biggest risks to yourself are your shortcomings. This is a dangerous game to play because it supports the idea that you are never good enough. And that what you've accomplished is not enough and the only way you will be happy is through the process of self improvement.
See what our progress in economics, living circumstances, and work life balance can do to us? 

Be careful with this tendency of the mind.
Relish in what you have done and where you have come from more than  you scrutinize yourself for how far you have yet to go.

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