63. On this day 19 years ago

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2020
The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 set a new record for people killed in a single terror attack. About 3000 people died.
I was in 6th grade and remember my teacher turning on the tube tv suspended 8 feet above the ground where we watched the live coverage on CNN.
After about 2 hours of watching they turned the T.V.s off and we pretended to go about a regular schedule. Before we dismissed for the day the teachers let us know that we should expect to talk to our parents about what was happening.
After that we were inundated with daily images of the War on Terror through a daily News outlet we started each school day with called Channel 1. They had young, charismatic reporters and journalists that looked like American Eagle models. It was a nice appeal to get kids interested on current events. The most prevalent of which were politics and the ongoing War on Terror.
Since 6th grade I've watched our country pour billions annually into the war. We're about to cross 6 trillion in total expenses for our involvement.
"Terrorists are masters of mind control. They kill very few people but nevertheless manage to terrify billions and rattle huge political structures such as the European Union and the United States.
Since September 11, 2001, each year terrorists have killed about 50 people in the EU and about 10 in the United States. China is around 7 people killed. Elsewhere around the globe 25,000 are killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Syria.
In contrast, each year traffic accidents kill about 80,000 Europeans, 40,000 Americans, and 270,000 Chinese.
Altogether worldwide the total dead from automobiles is 1.25 million.
Diabetes and high sugar levels kill up to 3.5 million annually.
Air pollution kills about 7 million per year.
So why does terrorism warrant more fear than sugar?
And why do governments lose elections because of sporadic terrorists attacks but not because of chronic air pollution?
Literally, terrorism is a military strategy that hopes to change political situation by spreading fear rather than by causing material damage.
The strategy is almost always adopted by parties who cannot inflict much material damage on their enemies.
Terrorists resemble a fly that tries to destroy a china shop.
The fly is so weak that it cannot move even a single tea cup.
So how does the fly destroy a china shop?
It finds a bull, gets inside its ear, and starts buzzing.
The bull goes wild with fear and anger and destroys the china shop.
After 9/11 this is what happened as Islamic fundamentalists incideted our American bull to destroy the Middle Eastern china shop.
Now they flourish in the wreckage.
And there is no shortage of short-tempered bulls in the world."
- Yuval Harari
I will never forget my experience of the world record terror attacks on my country and the perspectives I was exposed to as the war began.
Now I just try to avoid being an ill tempered bull. There are more pressing matters at home killing many more people that I have influence over.
Starting with not being a distracted driver controlling a 2,000 high speed machine. Plus I mind my nutrition so as not to kill my body too quickly with too much fat and inactivity.

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