62. Know yourself

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2020
To avoid being overwhelmed by information clamoring for attention we have a conscious self. You determine what deserves your attention and what doesn't, consciously.
The means by which attention becomes prioritized we call goals.
A goal is a channel in which psychic energy flows.
Therefore, the self can be considered a hierarchy of goals.
Because our goals define what we pay attention to.
If you know what goals take precedence for a person, you can generally anticipate where the person will invest their energy, and therefore predict their behavior.
By using this concept in reverse you can look at what people do and determine what their goals are.
For example, if your health is a top goal you will dedicate a certain amount of energy to exercise, minding your diet, and resting.
If you claim to prioritize health as a goal near the top of your list but the investment into contributing activities is null you can confidently assume the goal of health is fabricated.
Your actions don't match intent.
Therefore someone who ascribes to a self with goals not matched by action is someone who doesn't know their self.

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