61. The seasons change, your step need does not

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

Every year in Iowa fall brings a change to the seasons that begins a downward trend for a lot of people. Their activity levels drop like the temperature. 

At our most basic we all need decent amounts of forward movement propelled by ourselves to feel good. Also known as walking. 

The problem is the weather changes in a way that makes most peoples' walking arena undesirable at best and downright punishing at worst. Fall is nice but that is quickly followed by winter and while we all need a dose of toughness to be able to get outside regardless of weather it's still much easier to hit your activity goals when the weather permits. 

I've observed and coached through these seasonal changes for a decade and the most valuable thing I've learned to help my own activity and then that of my clients is to get a walking treadmill for my office. It sits nicely under my desk and maxes out at 2.0 miles per hour. I walk and work and accumulate movement that otherwise didn't happen due to the season. 

Think about your activity levels and how they change with the seasons. Consider adding a treadmill to your home or office so you don't have to worry about becoming sedentary when summer and spring go away. 

I use a Rebel Desk that I ordered from Amazon. 


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