59. The best coaches

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020
The greatest sports coaches in history are those who can make professional athletes better at the fundamentals.

John Wooden regularly took freak athletes capable of making shots from anywhere on a basketball court and had them shoot 400 free throws a day.
Vince Lombardi won multiple championships on the back of his teams that ran a simple offense which their opponents knew was coming at them - they were just better at executing the simplest techniques.
This whole nutrition and fitness thing is no different - getting better at the fundamentals will deliver consistently better results than prioritizing new and more.
Not seeing the progress you want? You’re screwing up one of the basics.
Want to get to a level you’ve never been before? Pick one of the fundamentals and get better at it.
The following list of fundamentals are where you should focus.
Food choice:
- You eat too many processed foods
- You do not eat enough nutritious, whole, minimally processed foods
- You do not meet your basic nutrient needs (macros)
- You get dehydrated
- You drink too many sugar sweetened drinks
- You drink too much alcohol
Eating behaviors:
- You eat too quickly and while distracted
- You don't recognize hunger and fullness cues
- You eat irregularly
- You have no order to your eating (disordered eating)
- You eat too much
- You use food to manage feelings
Exercise and Activity:
- You don't get enough regular physical activity (daily)
- You over-train and fail to manage stress
- You aren't getting enough sleep (7 hrs nightly)
- You have no active recovery process (stretch, meditate, nap)
Life skills:
- You lack basic food preparation skills
- You have little or no simple shopping and food awareness skills
- You make impulsive choices from feeling too busy 
- You don't have good food and exercise options available
- You think dichotomously: All or nothing thinking
- You have a fixed mindset (I’m broken, I don’t have what it takes)
- You lack consistency
- You have overwhelming life demands (usually you sign up for this)
- Your environment requires too much willpower and mental strength to stay on track
- Your social network is unsupportive (family, friends, co-workers)
Rather than look for yet another new program, coach, or method when you are stuck consider looking over this list. 

Chances are there are a couple fundamentals you are missing the target on. 

Find them and get to work on improving there. Repetition, repetition, repetition. 

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