56. I set up a veggie experiment with my kids, it worked on us both

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2020

Megan is a 46 year old teacher with 3 kids. 

She has lost 25 pounds of fat since October of last year. 

She has been deficit dieting like a champion but was getting overly hungry during certain stretches of her day between meals. 

"I saw this post on IG about a mom setting out a veggie tray for her kids at 3 pm so they would pick at it and at least get some good foods in them." This mother was running into kids that were over worked and overly tired and not eating well. 

Megan bought an expensive veggie tray and tried the experiment a couple times. It worked. On both her kids and herself. Once she knew that she spent half as much money and made her own snack sacks. 

"I started making veggie bags after you suggested I eat vegetables in between meals as snacks as an option that wouldn't break my macros. It has been great. My mom about shit when she heard I've been eating veggies daily."

This is one of several new habits Megan has picked up this year on her way through her last diet ever. 

"I got frustrated it wasn't going faster until I crunched the numbers (she teaches math) and realized they are dead on what the numbers predict. It helped me to realize slow means permanent." 

She is the lightest she has been in 10 years. 


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