54. Nutrition myth: organic food is better

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020

Organic food only differs from conventionally farmed food in one way: it costs more. Review after review fail to show any significant differences in nutrition value between organic and conventionally farmed foods. So it's the same nutrition for more money.

Sometimes organic food has more vitamins and minerals than conventional foods and sometimes they don't. Seeking out organic to get more vitamins and minerals is a waste of your effort. 

Pesticides can be carcinogenic and organic foods sometimes are treated with different pesticides. But their carcinogenic levels are less than some found in natural foods like coffee, apples, and peanuts. Unless you are willing to give up tons of natural foods to lower your cancer risk, and forget going outside at that , you don't need to worry about pesticides on the food you eat in the modern world. 



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