50. A measurement for your peace of mind

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

"I need you to tell me I'm doing this right because I feel like I'm eating way too much."

A client sent a message like that a week ago. She has been at the lake for the last few weekends enjoying the good life. Summer, sun, drinks, food, and lake life are usually things that hinder a diet. Not ours though.

She bought a food scale and took it up there with her. She got tired of guessing. All this time she was also working crazy hours and shifts that took her deep into her regular sleep. This is to say that she wasn't confident in her doings until she got confirmation by measurement that she lost a few pounds of fat.

She thought she was getting fatter.

Measurement showed she was getting leaner.

Another instance of our thinking not being an accurate reflection of reality. And this is from a lifetime athlete and someone who has been practicing a sort of dieting for years.

This gal is eating more carbohydrates than she has in the past and because of that she thought she was gaining body fat. Had she blindly believed that perception without testing it she might wrongly conclude that carbs make her fat and then try to avoid them in the future. Due to her checking on her thought she learned it was wrong and that eating more carbs is getting her leaner, not fatter. 

Folks, we cant' do this intuitively. No matter how hard we try we are bound to think ourselves into a hole of negativity. Sometimes that thinking is right but very often it is totally wrong. And the only tool we have found to test the gap is measurement.


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