49. Is your circle of five fit or fat?

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2020

Your supporting cast is very influential in your decision making. You can easily determine who it is by looking at your schedule and figuring who you spend the most time with. To no surprise its usually family, friends, and co workers. Research suggests that we are the product of the five people we spend the most time with. 

In Iowa almost everyone has someone in their top five that is falling victim to low activity and oblivious eating. As of this writing we are the 7th fattest state with 35% of our people classifying as obese. 

That sucks because we want the best for our family, friends and co workers and obesity isn't that. There's a good chance their behaviors have influenced you in some way. 

I suggest you curb the time and energy you give to anyone in your top five that lives a poor lifestyle compared to what you are trying to do. Especially if you are not in a healthy place yourself. Do this until you become healthy and are not at risk of regressing. At this point you can try to be the positive influence for them to change. But I stress that you can't let your concern for others ever get bigger than that which you have for yourself. 

Contrary to plenty of popular beliefs right now having extra body fat on your frame past a healthy livable window puts you firmly at a 50-100% higher likelihood to develop a disease that will kill you. For every five to seven pounds of fat extra that numbers goes up.  So the narrative that fat is healthy (past a certain point) is wrong. 

By spending time with people that eat well, exercise, and rest properly you will have models to emulate and people to turn to that handle problems well instead of binging on food and drink. 

Once you've got yourself stable with those habits you can go back to your people and be an inspiration to them. You can't do anything for someone else before you first do it for yourself, and that is much easier to do when your flab five is upgraded to a fit five. 


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