46. Some thoughts on hunger and technology

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

Our fear of hunger is really a sign of progress.

Progress that was built on the shoulders of every dead man and woman that lived before us.

Thousands of years passed where hunger leading to famine was the number one killer of our kind.

We fixed the famine problem - in a way that is fucking incredible mind you, feeding nine billion and having plenty of room for more is not something to look over. 

In its place we have created a new , maybe worse problem in obesity. It causes the current number one killer: cardiovascular disease. 

In solving one problem and creating another we truly have become victims of our own success.

That being so I think it is our responsibility to use the tools we have available to us to manage our health.

Our cell phone with a few apps and a health watch do what in decades prior was done with routine visits to the doctor. Tech has advanced enough to allow us to monitor a few things on our own and stay healthy. Ahhhh, progress.  

With my cell phone I can manage my food in a way that allows me to comfortably go through periods of  hunger and not worry. I learned by tracking my energy intake that I only need so many calories to fuel a day.

If I eat more than that they get stored for later use. So when I eat two or three times as many calories as I need I just pull back a little bit the following days knowing I had enough to get me through.

When hunger strikes then I don't worry, I know I'm fueled and won't die. This is a foreign concept to a lot of people these days due to the progress mentioned above.

I think using a phone to learn how much energy you are consuming and expending allows for hunger that isn't worrisome. And that is a must have experience for those who can otherwise get through their entire life without ever having to sit with some hunger. 

I can also hear it now "You want me to log all my food in my phone? Ugh" I've heard hundreds of reasons why it can't be done. I lump all of them into one and explain it simply as ambivalence to something new.

We have only been able to do this for a decade. Before we had phones linked to food databases with 20 million options and the ability to scan the barcode of whatever we were eating there was only one way to food track: with a notebook and 'Eat this not that' database book that was about 3 inches thick. This progress is astounding and makes the ambivalent technophobes look even sillier as their waist lines and healthcare bills ballon while the up to date manage their health with their watches and cell phones.


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