41. It's different with kids

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020

In ten years I've worked with parents and non parents alike. I don't know the exact split but it's safe to say there has been a fair bit of both. 

One of the most common reasons I'm given for my clients not taking care of themselves is kids. "It's just different with kids. You wouldn't understand, you don't have them." 

I beg to differ. I may not have biological children, but my work is a constant repeat of "eat your vegetables, go to bed, and stop drinking so much." My children are grown, have children of their own, and are successful enough as adults that they are pretty content with what they know. Unlike kids who know nothing and embrace it, my adult children know little and run from it. They are stuck in their thinking and habits which have formed from decades of being alive - a fact young kids can never claim. 

Old dogs don't learn new tricks as easy as young ones. My clients are adults but children in the sense that they need to he parented (coached) to do the things they've been parented to do since they were young themselves: mind your diet and take care of your body. They need it repeated to them sometimes hundreds of times before they act. Parents, does that sound familiar? 

You're in for it if you ever use your kids as an excuse here. You are just like them. 

We are all kids, and the more grown we are the less likely we are to change. 


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