39. Space age technology and you

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020
You have more technology in your pocket than what landed us on the moon.

It is my suggestion that you use it to make your life easier - like a tool is supposed to - rather than more chaotic.
The single best use of your time on a smart phone is to log your food. It takes no more than ten minutes a day. Research Is showing that low users spend 3-4 hours on their phone a day. You don’t want to know the high amounts. So the “I don’t have time" excuse is invalid, you are already using the device more than needed.
Furthermore, My Fitness Pal and apps like it are marvels. They allow us the ability to manage our food accurately enough so as to have a strong influence over our health. Is it full control? No. But we don’t need full control or accuracy to get our metrics in line with what we know gives us the best shot at nearly eight decades of life - the longest expectancy ever by the way.
We just need ten minutes a day and the initiative to use the tech we’re already addicted to for something useful.

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