35. Everyone wants a plan

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020
I tell ya, this work is enjoyable.
Today I started working with an out of towner who drove in to meet and get started. He is a 'community leader' where he's from. He laughs at the label, "I've done things my way my whole life. I started working for myself when I was 14."
We tried to get him going earlier but the 4th of July is a busy season for one of his businesses. They sell fireworks and grossed over $1,000,000 in 5.5 weeks. He was busy.
Things have slowed and he is free until things ramp up again next March. So it's a great time for him to get used to hitting macros and exercising daily.
He was adamant a meal plan would help his case.
I had to hit three different versions of the same answer before it started to sink in.
"Man Plans....God Laughs." This Yiddish proverb expresses a truth we can all relate to. We often make plans, especially concerning what to eat. But things have a way of turning out not like we hoped.
That didn't do it.
Planning is guessing. This business advice from a newer book talks about the massive failure rate of most plans and that the more elaborate and detailed the plan the less likely it is to happen.
"Just tell me what to eat," he said.
Still not there.
"You get parameters, not a plan" I tried.
Instead of planning why not go with the flow and adjust on the fly. I plan to eat breakfast all the time but end up drinking coffee for 4 hours instead. Plan failed. But it's no big deal, I eat the food I would have at breakfast at a later meal or snack. Calories and macros are equated. Those are my parameters and they're pretty loose. It results in me being relaxed given any food situation. Which is quite the contrast to the angst and worry I used to feel when I violated my overly planned plan.
That one hit and instead of walking out of his first nutrition appointment with a list full of what not to eat and a plan more than likely doomed to fail he got listened to and parameters that may be harder to learn but return on that effort forever once practiced.

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