31. How your gym or trainer are teaching you to be weaker

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever thought the facility you pay for or person you hire to help with your fitness are harming more than helping? 

They create dependency. "On what?" you ask.

On the trainer, time slot, directional style, whistle, music, equipment, location, people in class and route to gym. 

What would happen if these things got taken away? 

No one thought to ask such a question until Covid 19 forced us to answer it. 

And like another dependency we are all familiar with: parent to child, when the one providing gets taken away the abilities of the dependent get tested. 

In our fitness and Covid instance the autonomous ones who didn't need their hands held swam. The dependents sank. 

If Covid taught my clients and I anything it's that we need less 'stuff' to stay fit.

While the classes, gyms, environments and music are nice they aren't essential. As we all found out when they were forced to close. 

That still wasn't an issue for the fitness initiated. 

We have everything we need contained in our bodies to stay fit and with a little creativity most of us can come damn close to matching the equipment our gym provides at home. 

Or you can just build a home gym. That's trending up big time right now too - more evidence for autonomy and independence from the stuff most of us have been sold we need to stay fit. 

I've been selling that autonomy for a few years now. I believed after nearly a decade in gyms, studios, camps, and stores people didn't need the things I was selling. 

Yes, they were good for the sense of community but mostly they were good for business. The owner's were happy their client's were dependent on their stuff. It meant continued business and less work. 

This is a gain to any business owner, but unfortunately the loss it created was to the clients. It was a loss of their independence to stay fit themselves. Without hundreds of dollars in supplements, memberships, cleanses, or classes. Dependence is profitable to business and disempowering to people. 

So I created a service that helps people change with what they have. Gone are up sells, conversions and add ons. In their place is truth: that you have everything you will ever need already within you to get and stay fit. Furthermore, eating right is not rocket science and learning to manage your nutrition is no different than building skills to drive a car. 

I'm tired of the dependency pushers out there. I'd rather someone learn just how capable they are on their own. I know once I tasted independence there was never another option. Being a part of that experience in others is magical. 


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