3. Friend's comments about eating

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 

- N. Klein, (not Gandhi) 


First your friends will ignore your measurement and improved food choices. Your organization around what you're eating and when seems obsessive to them. They anticipate it to be a fad you will fall off. Because that's what most diets are for most people. 

When you continue your actions of measuring and being prepared you will become the target of ridicule. "You stay up all night making that?" "I would do that too but I like to enjoy my life." Really Karen? Because if that was the case you'd know shoving bite sizes down your gullet through your strenuous 8 hours at a desk is self destruction, not appreciation. I digress, this is the stage where verbal jabs seemingly come from everyone NOT taking care of themselves. If you've noticed this happening that means you're onto something. 

Further adherence leads to fighting.  People will say things like: "Why are you eating carbohydrates, don't you know keto is the way to go? Stupid."

"What you are doing will never work, it's too simple."

"I'm worried about you, it's unhealthy to pay so much attention to food and exercise."

"You're dumb. You're wrong. I don't like anything about who you are becoming."

Them are fighting words. No, escalation to a physical altercation probably won't ever happen. But fighting is arguably stronger when done emotionally and that's what these comments aim to do.

When you do something that is a.) successful and b.) contrary to the norm, people are going to fight you. Every step of the way. You may even notice the tendency to fight yourself by talking to yourself poorly and failing to believe you can acheive. You must avoid both because you are one step away from winning.

Literally, the last step is you win. By this time you have shed your reliance on diets, trainers, and maybe even some doctors and medications. You take care of yourself well with food and movement. This reduces the need for other parties to intervene in your most prized possession: your body. This type of winning promotes longevity and saves money because you finish throwing cash at half solutions to full problems. Your friends, the same ones laughing and fighting you before now admire. Don't be surprised to yield questions like,

"Can I eat this?"

"This workout is good right. What are you doing?"

"How do you do x,y,z?"

And voila. You win. 


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