24. The antithesis of growth

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Determining what is enough is the antithesis of growth. Enough is different for everyone and serves as the true north star for those willing to buck the trend of wanting more. 

True freedom is gained when you define upper bounds to your goals. 

It's worth figuring out what your own sense of enough is. 

This allows you the super power of saying no to doing the expected or to opportunities that don't serve you. 

You will experience a true sense of satisfaction when you reach enough. You will know you don't have to explore every new thing that comes up. Such freedom allows you to run your life your way - a way that you enjoy where you fill your time with things that you actually like doing. 

And this is in stark contrast to saying yes to everyone and everything in pursuit of more. Be that money, friends, muscle, fat loss, hours in the gym, or any other metric you track. 

Know your enough. 


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