239. Midwest Winter

macros mental fitness nutrition pillar coaching Jan 13, 2022

By: Michael Beiter


I have checked in twenty-one people since January 1st. Most of them got fatter. Their body weight and composition went up, and their bodies became thicker. Quarter four usually gets a lot of people this way. 

We get in the habit of blaming ourselves or others pretty often. In reality, there are dozens of contributing factors, but they can be broken down into internal and external sources.

Internal sources include motivation and intention, which we grade ourselves on whenever we fail or succeed. We also look externally at the environment and demographic and see contributors there. Pro tip: there always are. 

The environment in Iowa contributes to seasonal weight loss and gain in significant ways.

Seasonally three things go through cycles of depression and elation: temperature, daylight, color palette.

During the winter, the temp is low, daylight hours short, and the colors muted - depression compared to the long, warm, colorful days of spring and summer. 

Our physical environment is depressed, and our demographic calls us to holiday gatherings, social get-togethers, and kid time-off is as demanding as ever. 

Look at the external environment and see if things are hindering you before criticizing your internals, like motivation and intention. 

Maybe this will help you be a bit easier on yourself for navigating this season.

I like to tell people they should aim to come out of quarter four maintaining body weight and composition. This way they can deficit any excess fat they gained off in time for the warmer months. 

The cyclic nature of our environment makes year-long motivation and consistency hard, but with practice, you can use it to help you and plan your annual dieting cycles (if you need them). 

Anyhow, starting again always looks the same: track your food, workout, and sleep. 

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