238. Box Breathing To Sleep and Unwind

fitness learning to relax mental fitness success testimony Jan 12, 2022

By: Michael Beiter

I've been working with a guy who admittedly has not been a good sleeper his whole life. We're talking like 4-7 hours daily max.
We honed in on his sleep as the biggest mover of his progress right away.
Among several suggestions to improve his sleep hygiene, he found box breathing to work quickly and fast.
"I have not been able to fall asleep that fast ever. Box breathing is amazing!" He says.
It's easy. Just draw a metaphorical box with your breath.
Five seconds inhale
Five-second hold with full lungs
Five seconds exhale
Five-second hold with empty lungs
If you can get your counts to 7 seconds, you drop to two breaths per minute. AKA calm as calm can be.
It's an evidence-based version of counting sheep. Give it a shot if you can't fall asleep or to calm yourself down.

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