236. A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved and First Principles

macros mental fitness pillar coaching Jan 09, 2022

By: Michael Beiter

A problem shared is a problem halved.
Too much of the time, I can't do anything about your problems but listen.
BUT. This kind of 'therapy of sharing' is at the root of all conversational success. Just getting your issues out there for someone else to chew on with you is huge.
Over the years, I've picked up a keen sense to detect when people are dealing with something.
"Spill it," I'll say.
When they do, they are ALWAYS relieved.
My primary means to help are rooted in fitness and food. Incredibly, we can all take the principles and discipline from fitness and cross apply them everywhere else with success.
Don't just take my word for it. Consider what Diego, a client of two and a half years, said yesterday:
"I'm confident in my food and fitness. I'm confident in getting through the holidays, handling illness, and getting to where I want to be regardless of the obstacle. This system is simple and effective. I constantly return to it and remind myself of the minimum effective dose, need for measurement, and sustainability practice. It has transferred over to work and family well! Finding alternative applications for this stuff is fun and brings a hugely rewarding calm."
Diego and I go back and forth often on the value of our model. I tell him I've wanted to scrap it and rebrand it dozens of times but haven't because it just works. When I began, the Pillars were analogs I chose for principles. First Principle thinking is a style of thinking linked to people like Elon Musk.
It is basically the practice of actively questioning everything you 'know' about a given problem or scenario - and then creating new knowledge and solutions from scratch, almost like a newborn baby.
Before anything, sustainability has to be considered. Then sleep. So I made a model which takes the shape of a house built on a foundation and went from the bottom up.
After the foundations come the Pillars of nutrition and fitness that make up all eating and exercise plans. Every suggestion you've ever heard can be traced to a first principle, or Pillar, and made easier to understand.
Diego has adopted the same building style metaphor to teach leadership principles at work.
I have to head my own advice: "Don't fix what is not broken."

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