234. Striking Findings From 2021 - Where's the Health?

Jan 05, 2022

By: Michael Beiter


The Pew Research Center is one of my favorite sources for social trends. 

They publish an annual report titled "Striking Finds from XXXX." 

Their 2021 report was illuminating.

If you scroll past all the politics and preferences, you will find the 15th point: 'Around the world, more people mention their family as a source of meaning in their lives than any other.'

OK, nothing surprising in the headline. But the table and the things that US citizens find meaning in is. 

Here in the US, the top five things we find meaning in are:



Material Well-being



Fundamentally, we are a Christian capitalist nation that loves family. 

My question: where is the health?

Other nations like Spain, France, Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands list HEALTH in their top five things that give them meaning. These places routinely whoop us in measures of health and happiness.

Do you think it has anything to do with them finding meaning in their health?

Or that their healthcare systems are not-for-profit businesses but rather patient-centered services that are far more affordable and less drug-pushy?

Without health, nobody can effectively give to their family, friends, jobs, or faith. Yet we Americans find more meaning in our material goods and jobs than in our own preservation. 

Call me crazy, but that is fucked up.

Until we move health to the top of our list of what gives us meaning, we will continue to suffer needlessly in an economy that values consumption over prudence and sick care over health care. 

Part of what makes the family the number one meaning giver worldwide is the idea that we leave things better for the next generations. The current gen is not expected to outlive their parents for the first time. Why? Obesity and lifestyle-related disease kill them too fast. Until we can move health up the list of what gives us meaning, this trend will continue. 

In our own way, changing this crap is at the heart of everything we do at Pillar Coaching Services. We aim to teach you how to find meaning in your health one workout, food log, and good night of sleep at a time. 

We are floundering when we could be flourishing. We can do better. We must.


Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/12/17/striking-findings-from-2021/?utm_source=Pew%20Research%20Center&utm_campaign=2b956a394a-Weekly_2021_12_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3e953b9b70-2b956a394a-401157462&fbclid=IwAR0A-t9l60ONzhRHUp7gk4D3MbelE9dKmgGLUFudgauGO6jzZB-UcSMSFu8

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