233. Body Weight Worry - We'll Handle That

Jan 05, 2022

By: Michael Beiter

One of many reasons you pay a coach is to take a load off your shoulders. 

Notably, the worry that comes with your body weight.

Is it up? Is it down? What does that mean?

When you see us worry about your body weight, you have permission to worry yourself. 

Pro tip: you will never see us worried about your body weight because it is simply one piece of data among a large pool that we collect and analyze to spot trends. We are after longitudinal, or long-term, evidence where the more data we have, the better. 

You pay us to be concerned about the meanings and responses of your body weight. If you still worry, you need to execute the plan or coach yourself instead. 

There is little sense in pissing money away on services you don't use.  

So stop the worry. Do the work. We will handle the rest. 

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