232. The AHA Moments Are Gone

clients fitness macros metabolism nutrition pillar coaching Jan 04, 2022

By: Michael Beiter


I just met with a client of over four years. He said, "The AHA moments are gone." 

I smiled. That is expected at four years in. But, I've got some workarounds.

When you have gotten used to working out daily, food tracking, and generally being healthy, you lose the exciting discoveries that come with being a beginner. 

"You aren't going to have many more AHA moments on the acute scale, but abstract way out, to the 30,000 ft perspective, and you will find them time and time again," I said. 

So we did that, and what did we find? 

He gained 15 pounds of muscle in 4 years. He is 49 years old. 

"Remember when we were taught it was all downhill for males after 35?" I asked. 

Well, he just proved that to be bullshit.

He's motivated to be in shape, lean, and muscular throughout his 50's and beyond. He's off to a good start on that, I'd say.

Lastly, he brought up the constant topic of whether or not to log everything he eats. 

"I can skip one weekend a month. Any more than that, and I stop hitting my macros and start piling on salt, sugar, and body fat." 

Searching for an epiphany, I asked him how he came to that conclusion.

"I screwed up enough times by not tracking to know that I can never get too far away from it. Trial and error over the last four years have taught me as much." 

Bingo! Only you can figure out your tracking needs. I will beat the same drum forever: track it all. The only thing that can disprove my advice is YOUR own experience. If you can keep yourself where you want to be intuitively, have it. But you damn well better have the data to support that claim. 

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