231. Al Roker and Oprah Don't Know Diet

macros mental fitness metabolism nutrition pillar coaching reverse dieting Jan 03, 2022

By: Michael Beiter

My buddy's mom said, "Al Roker lost a bunch of weight doing Keto. I might try it."
Al Roker has lost a bunch of weight a handful of times now.
He reminds me of Oprah, the worst celebrity perpetrator of cyclic dieting. She is touting a new diet every year. 
If any of them worked, why would they need to diet again?
People always comment and give credit as change is occurring. Once you've been fit for a while, those comments stop, and people miss the attention. Part of their issue is that they're addicted to the spotlight of losing weight. 
Beyond that, it's easy to see nothing they're doing is sustainable. If it were, they wouldn't have to do it again. 
Al Roker, are you never going to eat carbohydrates again? Because that's what a keto diet means. Your failure and the legions of others who can't stick to such deprivation are proof enough: Keto isn't sustainable. 
Oprah, will you keep the weight off for longer than a year? Or do you have your marketing planned around the subsequent four diets you're going to sell, with yourself being the primary marketing material?
You should know these celebrities don't know much about diet, and they are simply using their massive platforms to fire up another cash grab in the form of nutrition advice.
If you lose fat sustainably, you only have to do it once. 

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