230. "I barely recognize him!"

metabolism nutrition pillar coaching success testimony Jan 03, 2022

By: Michael Beiter


A high school classmate sent me a text and photo of another high school classmate with the caption: "I barely recognize him! Nice work!"

I hadn't seen the photo yet, so I went and looked it up on Facebook. Sure as snow, the guy is almost unrecognizable compared to pictures from a year and a half earlier. 

So I put a couple of pics side by side and sent them over, letting him know he's an inspiration. 

We met a few times, but he has taken the lessons and done all of the work himself. He is a father of five, a police officer in the hometown we grew up in, and a generous giver of his time as a wrestling coach at our former high school. 

As a former collegiate wrestler, he developed some bad habits with nutrition. I always hoped I could get in front of some wrestlers and help them learn how to eat, make weight, and perform their best without the water cutting, sauna sitting, and deprivation diets. 

He has certainly done that, and of course, he is spreading the word to the athletes he coaches. He is even referring people who ask him what he's been doing my way. 

Fantastic work out of a remarkable man!

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