198. John In The Gym

fitness macros metabolism nutrition pillar coaching Nov 26, 2021

By: Michael Beiter

John lost twenty pounds of fat in five months. This man dialed in his eating and exercise and got rid of some excess that had accumulated over the years. John says: "My workouts have become an effective way to handle my emotions and the stress of my life. I knew something was off, and before I went the route of medical help, I figured I'd better see if I could get things under control with some iron therapy and discipline with my eating. It worked."
This is fantastic progress, and the speed at which his body responded is incredible! He is pretty happy with the mental improvements as well, noting, "I am calmer and better able to deal with life when I'm well-fed and hitting my workouts."
I found it very interesting to learn that John was succumbing to the pressures of putting everyone else before himself. As a father, husband, and leader at work, he clearly can't be blamed for believing that his role is to give, give, give. But it wasn't until he started taking time for himself that he noticed his effectiveness improve across the board. Does that sound familiar? :)

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