196. What We Are Facing

By: Michael Beiter

The path of least resistance beckons at every corner of modernity. It manifests itself in eating and exercising with fast, convenient, shit-for-you food and drinks along with zero physical demands in our day-to-day.
Our brains are wired to take these paths because they conserve precious energy.
Step outside and look around, and you won't have to go far to see how people choosing the least resistant paths are suffering from crippling health issues in the body and mind.
This means that you have to make tough decisions that go against your hardwiring to get physical every day and reject the engineered food environment.
Making these decisions gets harder with every passing year because food manufacturers and our options for what to do rather than exercise get more and more appealing and addictive. The companies heading these operations often know more about the psychology and workings of the brain than the customers they serve, and you can bet your ass they will use that knowledge to hook you on a lifestyle that is bad for you.

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