192. Market Demands Do Not Match Your Biological Needs

By: Michael Beiter

It takes a while for an organism to adapt to changes in its environment.
You are an organism, the weather, colors, temperature, and amount of daylight are just a couple of factors of your environment. All of which just changed.
You are NOT supposed to be able to wear these changes on the chin with no effect.
You WILL feel unmotivated, tired, lethargic, and maybe just shitty for a while.
I have found that it takes about three to six weeks to acclimate and rediscover your energy, mood, and such when we fall back or spring forward.
Keep this in mind as the seasons change and you feel bad about your need for more rest.
The market you work in may demand 24/7/365, but your biology knows no such thing.
Downshifts are necessary and normal.

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