190. Sobriety, A Book Called Tribe, And What It Means To Be A Scientist

By: Michael Beiter


A client in his thirties decided to kick the booze out of his life with his wife. They were fond of whiskey in the evenings after dinner. What started as a single mixed drink turned into three or four stiff ones over the course of eighteen months.

"I realized it was a problem when we went to watch our evening show, and I couldn't remember the episodes from the past few nights. Then I spent the next day pounding energy drinks to get through."

This power duo committed to cold turkey removal and is two weeks sober today! I tried my best to lap on as much praise as I could. Anyone who has ever battled with addiction knows the hell that comes when you remove the substance. 

I was fascinated when he told me that the withdrawal effects were subsiding, and he found the energy and focus he was missing to plan, shop, and prepare healthy meals for the next week. 

Sobriety is a beautiful thing. I have been a part of several people's journey to kicking bad habits, and I must tell you, the feeling produced when you get told that you made a difference in their choice to get sober is better than any drug or drink ever lead to. 

He mentioned how much he enjoyed a book I recommended to him called Tribe by Sebastian Junger. "I have sent that book to no less than seven people." He said.

The book outlines our innate need to belong to a group. A tribe, if you will. And that our current modern living situations cut us off from that need. 

I think everyone should read it. 

After he left, I met with another long-term client. We got scientific about her food and some stuff she was going through. We concluded that she is a rebel in the best sense. Like this:

"Scientists are often seen as turbo nerds, but the philosophical foundations of science are actually those of pure punk-rock anarchy: never respect authority, never take anyone's word on anything, and test all the things you think you know to confirm or deny them for yourself." - Ryan North


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