19. Would you teach it to your kids?

May 02, 2020

When I was growing I was taught to filter my speech with the suggestion: "Would you say it to your grandma?"

Now I ask clients about their eating and exercise with: "Would you teach it to your kids?"

Like a teenager losing half their vocabulary with the first filter the second one eliminates a whole bunch of diet and workout BS. 

Would ya teach your kids not to eat carbohydrates ala keto?

How about having them consume half their daily nutrition from powders  and all of their vitamins from pills? 

Eating for only eight hours a day is pretty popular right now, do you think that is worth a lesson?

Everyone has all they need to be fit contained in their body but there are some households that spend thousands of dollars yearly on memberships, trainers and equipment. When they first learn of a budget will you include these expenses as necessities? 

Mom and Dad have a cheat meal planned so we can eat the foods we normally like but can't. Cheating is bad though little Timmy?

Are your kids learning to hate exercise or love it? They are following your lead. 

So, would you teach it to your kids? 

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