188. Turkey Day Strategies To Stay On Track

By: Michael Beiter


At Pillar Coaching Services, we have been talking to clients about eating around holidays. 

Thanksgiving is coming up. Here are some stats about Americans eating habits on this day: 

• Average American consumes between 2500 and 4500 calories on Thanksgiving

• Over 2000 of those calories come from fat. The average American eats 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving.

• The average meal on Thanksgiving is 3000 calories. But most people snack their way through chips, dips, dressings, appetizers, and drinks, which pile on even more calories. 

• A visual representation of the fat consumed on average on Thanksgiving is three sticks of butter. 


Without a plan, you can lose control fast. We have found three options work well by themselves or in combination to navigate Thanksgiving. 

1.) Bank - Each of our clients knows how many calories and macros they get daily. If there is a big meal coming up that they know about, they bank some calories in the days leading up to the feed so they can overeat when the day comes. Afterward, they resume eating as usual. 

2.) Fast - With such a large amount of energy coming in on Thanksgiving, most of us are OK to skip a couple of meals after the big one. Time an 18-24 hour fast to allow for digestion of your big meal.

3.) Deplete - Knowing you will eat big allows for a workout strategy to take advantage of a large amount of energy coming in. A depletion workout is a workout that is purposefully longer and more voluminous than usual. The intent is to shock your body with a workout that depletes your energy stores so that the food you eat goes right into refilling them rather than being stored as body fat. Disclaimer: Use this method sparingly; otherwise, it can lead to overtraining. We suggest 1-3 depletion workouts per year around the big eating holidays. 


Be aware of the trends around Thanksgiving and what you can do to navigate them without forfeiting your favorite foods or gaining body fat. 


Source: https://caloriecontrol.org/thanksgiving-the-battle-of-the-bulge/


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